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First Single Release


Hooray! We are so proud to tell you our first single release being in start position. We will drop this crazy piece of art on the 4th of June. From that date on you'll get it on iTunes, Amazon Music or  stream it on Spotify, Deezer, YouTube and many more streaming portals. So one last question open...
Our first single is I WANT TO BREAK FREE by QUEEN

Take a first look at the single cover and stay in mood!

Making The Groundwork


Hey folks! We're preparing for our first internet debut. That means we're in recording our songs, planning video productions. Nevertheless there are many other administrative tasks like creating our homepage -we can now proudly present- or setting up our social media channels. You will find us soon on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram an Twitter. That means as soon as we can be in our two man business...

Furthermore our music will be available on AmazonMusic, iTunes, Spotify and many other streaming plattforms. For all this there is so many work nobody sees right now...But you can trust: It definitely is there  ;-)

So stay tuned and enjoy the first look around on our new homepage!

Cover Mania_Logo
Starting the Journey


Cover Mania is an innovative german music project. The two members are setting their standard to interpret known songs in an individual style. Whether if it's percussive fingerstyle paired with passionate singing, or just very entertaining videos. The basic shape of the music is retained, all other parts are represented in a new way by keeping one single thought in mind: Making music great again!

So here we are and a warming welcome on our new homepage:

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